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Your State Homeowners Are Overpaying By Not Following This One Simple Rule


(Smart Daily Living) – Do Not Pay Your Next Mortgage Payment Until You Read This…

This is the one simple truth your mortgage company doesn’t want you to know. A recent analysis shows that homeowners are overpaying an average of $471 per month. If you are currently a homeowner, pay more than $1,061 a month in mortgage payments, and live in a qualified zip code you can get an extremely high discount.

Additionally, if you have good credit, you can get even more discounts. But do you think your mortgage company will tell you that? When homeowners enter their zip code and mortgage information at USmortgagesupport.com, many are shocked at the results they find. We weren’t surprised when we got questions from homeowners if these rates are real. The truth is people say it‘s possible to save up to 50% on their mortgage payments and some say they were eligible for rates as low as $200/week due to recent new government programs from the Obama administration. When we heard about these claims, we decided to investigate it for ourselves.

Tim Palmer set out to test these types of comparison services and after a few days of research what he found was very exciting. Tim discovered that not only were these claims true, but that he ended up saving over $3,600 per year when compared to what he was previously paying. That’s a 31% savings when compared to his current mortgage. Tim also found that many other people are indeed able to save using mortgage comparison websites like US Mortgage Support.

So, what is the “One Simple Rule?”. NEVER refinance your mortgage without comparing all discounts online first. You wouldn’t buy a new home from the first realtor you shook hands with, would you? Then why would you refinance or purchase your home from the first company that gives you a quote? Our research indicates that many people are possibly misled by their current mortgage lenders into thinking that they are paying the best possible rate. When in fact, it could be that their mortgage agents are intentionally keeping the lowest prices from customers in order to charge more money.


You are NEVER locked into your current mortgage loan. There’s always options to refinance and save money on your mortgage payments.

What most people don’t realize is a mortgage agent typically makes money off of the loans they sell, so the higher the premium the more they can get paid. Thankfully, smart homeowners have found out how to drastically cut their mortgage bills by using online tools to get unbiased quotes.

With average savings of 30%, it’s no wonder services like these are growing rapidly. Our research concluded that USmortgagesupport.com is one of the most trusted and highly effective online tools to provide consumers with lower mortgage rates. We thank USMortgageSupport.com for providing such an amazing service with an honest effort to save money for families across America. If you would like to receive the benefits of this free tool click here. Then just select or choose whether you want to purchase or refinance to begin. Once you answer a few quick questions, you will have the opportunity to review the lowest rates and see how much you can save based on your personal profile.


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