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Obama HARP Program


My name is Michael Gold, I’m a homeowner, husband, and active member in my community. Like many first time homeowners my wife and I purchased our home during the peak of the housing bubble. What at first seemed like a dream come true to both of us soon became a nightmare for us. As markets began to spiral out of control and we saw the value in our newly purchased home quickly deteriorate to below its initial value we knew we couldn’t sit on the sidelines and not explore our options.
Luckily we came across this new program by the Obama Administration called the HARP Refinance Program. We were current on our mortgage which was one criterion for being accepted into the program, but the clear benefit to us was that we could refinance our home even though the value was now lower than our current mortgage balance!
Finally we were able to take advantage of the record low interest rates that so many other people were taking advantage of without having to be concerned about our LTV – Loan to Value ratios. As my wife and I did more research we came to learn more about the program and the benefits. It was created by the Obama Administration to offer more affordable and stable mortgage terms to homeowners after the housing crisis.
There was one catch though – The program expires on December 31st, 2015! Knowing that so many people were taking advantage of this new opportunity we quickly filled out our information to see if we qualified. Thankfully we qualified and were able to secure a new lower interest rate which translated into over $450.00 in savings a month for us. Over the life of our loan that savings amounts to: $162,000.00!
I’m sure you just like us can find many other places to use those kinds of savings. With the money we saved with the HARP Program we were able to start a college fund for our infant son and are extremely happy we were able to take advantage of such a great program. Click the link below now to see if you qualify and take advantage of the great interest rates and monthly savings that so many other people are acting on today!



See If You Qualify for Obama's HARP Program.